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Domestic & Commercial flooring in LEICESTER & the midlands

From floor design through to preparation and installation, we offer a complete flooring service to clients across Leicester and other areas across the Midlands. 

Expert flooring advice

The range of flooring colours and styles is limited only by your imagination. here at Perfectus Flór we have a flooring solution for every taste and budget. We're always on hand to advise you on all aspects of flooring. Here are a few suggestions that may help you if you are planning to install or renovate your floors.

  • Carpets: Carpet is always a reliable source of comfort beneath your feet. We supply and install carpets of all forms, commercial or domestic.
  • Vinyl and laminate flooring: Although they offer 3-10 years of service, cushion vinyl and laminate floors are popular with modern homeowners as they are affordable but limited within their design aspect.
  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT): LVT is a hard floor that allows underfloor heating and doesn't get affected by the higher temperature of glass windows in conservatories and patio doors. It is scratch-resistant, hygienic and very robust.
  • LVT also allows you to be creative with your floor design. Unlike laminate the design is not modular, almost anything goes.
  • Epoxy Resin Floor Coating is a tough epoxy coating for walls and floors. It is designed for use in warehouses, garages, balconies, cooling facilities and for use in the food & pharmaceutical industries. It is suitable for substrates such as concrete, cement screed and cement render.Ideal for the most arduous environments where a reliable, seamless resin flooring solution is required not to mention this product is very Hygienic
  • Epoxy resins are the future of flooring. Superior strength, durability & design options. Customise your interiors with our epoxy resins. Browse now or get in touch.
We can also advise you on random planks, body and borders, tile and grout, herringbone, parquet, motif design and much more. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding design

Our Flooring Services Include:

Each and every floor will require a different level of attention and detail. Often perceived as the boring part, the preparation on every project is the key to a perfect floor. However, depending on the type of installation you are planning, the preparation will vary.

An assessment will take place and we will then explain the process required to give you the floor you've always wanted.

For more information about floor preparation, contact Perfectus Flór in Leicester today.
Wooden Floor Leicester

Ever had to knock on wood?

Add a touch of class to your home with wood flooring from Perfectus Flór. We have a wide range of veneered wood flooring to choose from and we can expertly install your floor, for samples (on any form of flooring) please contact us to arrange an assessment.


Linoleum & Marmoleum - Fragile & tough?

Linoleum is a very fragile flooring material that can crack and snap if handled carelessly during installation. However, once installed, it will become tougher than nails and last a lifetime. What's more, it can be buffed when damaged to restore its original shine. 


Safety flooring

Safety vinyl is impervious so moisture cannot pass through it, making it ideal for kitchens, wet rooms, utility rooms and many more situations. Vinyl comes in a wide range of colours, textures and patterns and therefore, it allows you to create a floor design that's unique and complements your requirements  seamlessly. 
Safety flooring is anti-slip, and that's why it is ideal for use in wet rooms and utility areas. It is also ideal for schools, care homes, hospitals, leisure facilities and health care centres where there are chances of slips and falls.
Please note: welding the joins and corners can let the moisture remain on top of the floor so a drainage system is advisable in "wet room" areas.
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